Developing Fields

Eastern Shore, VA- Bible Study and Outreach: Please continue to pray for our brethren on the Eastern Shore (Melfa, VA area, see pic below) as we continue to explore planting an OPC congregation there. Pray for the 5 families who are weekly attending our Bible study on Ephesians, our vigorous outreach attempts, evangelism, and connecting with those interested in this area. Praise God for our prayer and devotional meeting together last Labor Day weekend (see pic to left).

Please join us in continuing to pray to our faithful God for wisdom and direction as we consider this wonderful opportunity. Pray for spiritual success in the invitations, radio spots (the “Farmer Theologian Broadcast”), generous hospitality, and outreach efforts of Paul Gebel, Will Sloan and the group (see us planning together in pic at right). Pray for Pastor William Sloan who is being cared for and mentored by the PMA who hopes to be licensed next Summer 2023 as a church planter in the OPC. Any Contacts? If you know of anyone near the Melfa/Exmore area (Zip Code 23410) who might be interested, please contact me with their information.